Sunday, February 15, 2009

Dr. Vojislav Seselj and his friends or persons like Janus Walus :should they be free and have they been unjustly handled .

White Eastern European sentiments in regards to incorporation in to EU

Turning to action apparently militant ?!? Dr.Vojislav Seselj

What is he charged for?

ARE WE PREVENTING SUCH ......occurances from happening to white folk in South Africa?

What are similarities between the Sesjls and Walus's(Janusz Walus) of the World?

Rules of Joining theTruth and Reconciliation Party of South Africa .

Rules of joining the Truth and Reconciliation Party

Any South African citizen who believes in the views of the Truth and Reconciliation Party, especially in the need to free political prisoners who were rejected by the Tutu (so called "Truth and Reconciliation") Commission, and to bring Injustice Goldstone to justice, is welcome to join the party and become a member of it.

We have to insist, however, that any person who want to become members would have to donate 500 South African Rands as a one time fee, in addition to an annual fee of five hundred South African Rands per person.

We understand, however, that not everyone can make an immediate contribution to the party, so in unique cases, one will be able to become a member without immediately paying the fee.

We would, as a principle, also like to ask our members-when asked by hostile journalists to be interviewed about the party-to set a condition for such an interview: The journalist would have to first pay $ 500 for it.

This $500 per interview demand should be made only to hostile journalists, not otherwise. By doing so, we would like to take after Dr. Seselj's Serbian Radical Party.

Any party member who suddenly disagrees with its principles, would be asked to draw the conclusion and withdraw his/her membership.

Party members are also asked to mention the existence of the Truth and Reconciliation Party, whenever the subject is mentioned about who there is in South African politics to vote for.


  1. Well said!!! Also the Seseljs and Waloses never killed any innocent people without blood of innocent people on their hands. Killing a terrorist or something like that is a different thing.

  2. you are correct if one's enemies loose their lives or spill their own blood it is, unfortunate, but I reserve my right to defend myself.

    Unfortunately some Nations have enemies which are such cowards they hide behind babies prams and in hospitals or old age homes !