Wednesday, December 31, 2008

fundamental approaches

Fundamental to this is that the Constitution of South Africa and pretexts of the Freedom Charter of Kliptown of 25 June 1955 also apply in addition that we would in all likelihood be a opposition party for a long time .

Furthermore that one would be a local government level busy with practical application of the manifest of the TRUTH and RECONCILATION party in order to persue justic and reconciliation between all parties and persons in Southern Africa

As discussed here is information of the Freedom Charter

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Establishing the basics principles and tennants of the TRUTH AND RECONCILIATION PARTY OF SOUTH AFRICA

As written by Avner Eliyahu Romm during June 2008

Dear John.
Behold are the basics of a manifest for the new political party I think of creating, the Truth and Reconciliation Party:

1. The rights of individual/individualist journalists, who refused to follow the "regulations" of "pac journalism", should be maintained and supervised. In this regard, the book "Media Cleansing-Dirty Reporting" (written by US journalist Peter Brock) should be included in the education program of South Africa.
2. In unique cases, where there is a lack of justice (regarding such cases) worldwide, the law should make is possible for people suspected of serious crimes (such as insighting hatred, abduction, murder, causing someone's death, or causing someone's physical or mental health problems) to be judged and answer charges in South Africa. This law should apply especially to officials and most of all to South African judges, who are/were supposed to be objective in conducting their judgments. The goal of this law is to bring Goldstone to justice.
3. Any monument of Queen Victoria should be demolished and replaced by a monument of one of the World Wars' heroes, or one who is unfairly commonly demonized worldwide. Alternatively, a Queen Victoria monument may also be turned into a public restroom. Public places named after Queen Victoria should be renamed.
4. Jobs must be contributed to people according to their skills, but this excludes people who purposely make themselves unbearable to be around with.
5. Vehicles whose drivers or passengers are a public disturbance (such as taxis whose drivers constantly hoot or whistle) should be confiscated by the state and sold in a flea market.

1. Immediate, full and unconditional amnesty should be granted to prisoners rejected by the Tutu (the so called "Truth and Reconciliation") Commission.
2. There should be a stop to renaming streets and public buildings. Cities and Airports should bare their old names together with the new ones. This applies to provinces as well, excluding cases of senseless renaming. Namely: Western Transvaal should be called so, not "North West". The Orange Free State should be called so too (without omitting the word "Orange").
3. Hours of Rest should be added, and noise which is unnecessary and just meant to irritate should be outlawed and punished.
4. Generous rewards should be awarded to people who report unlawful incidents and events to the authorities.
5. Children should be compelled to complete 12 schooling years. While there should be institutions to help poor people, those who choose run away from those institutions to become a social burden should be aware of the consequences.

Persons supporting such or similar principles are to please write to Avner Romm at the email address confirming their support or objections and advise of changes they may propose in order to support such a party : freedrseselj@yahoo.coma>